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Save Pocantico Lake - Signatures Needed!

Pocantico Lake and its adjoining county park have served as a place of respite for Westchester residents and for wildlife for over three decades. But now, it is all at risk. Read here about our grassroots effort to oppose environmentally destructive development and protect this irreplaceable natural resource for generations to come.


With thirty-one houses on the shoreline of the lake, its serenity and beautiful landscape will be forever desecrated. Instead of uninterrupted wilderness, you’ll be looking at a subdivision as you explore the public trails.


Stormwater runoff from a newly built development, including houses and impervious surfaces, will bring pollutants into Pocantico Lake. This will degrade the quality of the lake water and destroy the delicate ecosystems.


The proposed removal of extensive forested area surrounding the lake will result in the destruction of variety of wildlife habitat. Birds, mammals, and reptiles will all be displaced and the extent of the negative impact on Westchester wildlife is unknown.


Pocantico Lake was bought by Westchester County specifically to protect this waterbody as a source of potential drinking water. Overdevelopment adjacent to the lake jeopardizes the health and safety of the water during a period of extreme and unpredictable climate change.


Learn more on the Save Pocantico Lake Website:

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