FCWC's members, made up of individuals and organizations, are and always have been a central part of the organization. Our members are citizens and local non-profit organizations whose missions correspond with FCWC's mission to protect Westchester's natural resources and to support sustainability in all aspects of our lives.

Our coalition benefits from the support of our members as it allows FCWC to act as an umbrella group, uniting Westchester’s concerned citizens, environmental and community-based organizations. We are able use our membership base, and our fifty years of environmental experience, like a clearinghouse for sharing environmental information. We welcome the input of our members on an ongoing basis and at periodic meetings of our "federation.”


With a membership, individuals and organizations are given the opportunity to share in the process of identifying Westchester’s environmental issues. Members are kept up-to-date on the status of Westchester’s environment with interesting and relevant articles in our monthly E-News, posts on our blog, and informative pages (like FCWC’s selected environmental issues for 2015, and our Green Resources) on our website. Additionally, we share upcoming events, volunteer opportunities, and Action Alerts from our members.  Members are also provided discounted tickets to certain conferences and events.

78 North Broadway, E-House

White Plains, NY 10603


T: (914) 422-4053 | E:


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