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Bronx River Series 

The Federated Conservationists of Westchester County presented a three-part series providing environmental education about the Bronx River to White Plains residents. We partnered with the White Plains Public Library to host these talks on the history, natural resources, and future of the Bronx River.

Part One:

Stephen Paul DeVillo, Captain Cameron Colby and Cadet Michael Manetti present the history of the Bronx River. Our guest historians highlight the Bronx River’s critical role in the early nation’s efforts to gain independence and the restoration and conservation efforts to the present day.

Part Two:

Evan Pritchard and Amelia Zaino present indigenous history of the Bronx River. Learn about the indigenous history, water quality, and future resiliency of the river.

Part Three:

Amelia Zaino led us on a walking tour of the Bronx River, discussing history, ecology, and the impact we have on our environment. Selected photos of the tour are presented below. 

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