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General Donations

FCWC believes in letting you choose where your money goes based on what part of our work is most impactful for you. We also welcome general donations to our organization. If you would like to donate to a specific project or another aspect of our work not listed below, do not hesitate to contact us or search our member organizations page to support other green initiatives.

Our Fundraising Campaigns

FCWC believes in a future where environmental and economic burdens are shared equitably and not forced on communities that have been discouraged from making their voices heard. We are ready to assist the County in bringing forward the voices of all, especially those whose voices most need to be heard in our County.

FCWC accepts the conclusions of 97% of our climate scientists who believe that climate change is underway, that human beings are the dominant reason for it, and that its effects are already being felt. We urge attention to the resiliency of our communities, infrastructure, and coastlines in the face of the anticipated results of climate change.

FCWC works to educate the next generations of our world about the climate crisis, support them in their advocacy work, and amplify their voices locally and globally. Our Student Leadership Network supports youth-generated programming and mentorship, helping Westchester County's youth see their goals and academic endeavors.

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