This end of year appeal will look a bit different than previous appeals we’ve sent; like most things in 2020 have been different from the past. First, we want to express our hope that you and your loved ones are all safe and healthy. We know this year has taken a toll on so many, and we hope brighter days are ahead in 2021.


It’s been quite the rollercoaster year for FCWC as well. Early on in the pandemic, we had to postpone our first Student Environmental Summit, where we planned to bring together hundreds of high school and college students throughout Westchester County to learn about issues facing our environment. We took the cancellation “lemons” and made lemonade: we learned to host four different webinars for students, run by students to help them gain skills and connections to grow into activist citizens. The attendance and feedback has been astounding. There is such a thirst for this knowledge among the next generation! We feel we have touched a mindspring, and it is inspiring. 

Through the COVID-19 "pause," FCWC has continued activity, largely via ZOOM.  We hosted our annual Federation Meeting, our Annual Meeting, our popular pub talks, and we co-sponsored several other educational programs virtually.  The Board met virtually and has used this time to reflect and refocus the work of FCWC, organized as five pillars of action. We are committed to: the impact of climate change, environmental justice, water quality, air quality, and student advocacy. Some issues such as water and air quality, have always been our concerns.




A few years ago, we extended our mission statement to include climate change. This, as you are well aware, will be the biggest issue we ever fight, and it is here, now. We identified two new action areas as well: environmental justice and student advocacy. These pillars will allow us to engage more Westchester County residents and foster leadership among the upcoming generations.


Because so much of our work this year has been virtual, we were not able to bring our friends together for any fundraising events and we will need to plan virtual events for a while longer, certainly through spring, possibly summer 2021.  So, as with other not-for-profit organizations, our budget has taken a hit this year.


We have weathered many obstacles over the last 55 years, yet we have continued the important environmental advocacy work that you expect from FCWC, even this year, despite the COVID quarantine. We are confident that with your support, we can overcome this bump in the road as well. Not everyone has the means to help out this year, but if you do, please include us in your end of year giving. Your support urges us on as we continue to find our way in support of a cleaner, healthier Westchester.



Carol Durst- Wertheim, FCWC President

Your 100% tax deductible donations can be made online below, or by check.


Please make your tax deductible checks payable to FCWC and mail to: Federated Conservationists of Westchester County, Inc.

Gerber Glass Library, 78 North Broadway, White Plains, NY 10603.