Climate Change


97% of our climate scientists who believe that climate change is underway, that human beings are the dominant reason for it, and that its effects are already being felt.

A citizenship that promotes and advocates sustainability is one that has the ability or capacity to support itself without endangering or jeopardizing future generations.

Westchester County has passed the initiative, as has NY State, for a shift in mindset concerning a single-use, disposable lifestyle. We have fallen into a linear consumption pattern – production, consumption, and disposal, and this will hopefully be reversed!


Open Space​


Throughout Westchester’s history, both the public and private sectors showed foresight in setting aside land for public use, yet with increased urbanization and suburbanization of Westchester, such lands are at a premium.



Westchester County Airport


Over its 50 years, among the many environmental issues Federated Conservationists of Westchester County (FCWC) has educated about and advocated action for, none has loomed larger than Westchester County Airport's ongoing pollution and potential future impacts on our quality of life.  

The Issues





Reusable Bag Laws