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Westchester County's First
Environmental Coalition

Since its inception in 1965, FCWC has brought together concerned citizens, numerous community organizations, educators, and diverse professionals committed to preserving and rehabilitating the natural resources of Westchester County.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide leadership that educates about environmental issues, advocates sound decision-making and unifies groups and individuals to protect and preserve Westchester's environment and address climate change.

Our Vision

FCWC uses its platform to build relationships with climate activists throughout Westchester County. Sharing educational resources, expanding networks, collaborating, exchanging ideas, and staying up to date on the efforts of our communities ensure we are working efficiently towards sustainable practices across the county. 


Understanding that not all of Westchester County is created equally is crucial. Learning about the struggles and achievements of our neighbors and actively striving to work better for them is how FCWC hopes to unify our communities.

Each year the Federated Conservationists of Westchester County identify key environmental issues to target in the coming year and discuss desired outcomes and strategies for accomplishing our goals. Over the course of the year, FCWC conducts workshops and other events to educate the citizens of Westchester County about these environmental issues.


The Federated Conservationists of Westchester County are a coalition of environmental groups whose missions align with FCWCs to protect our natural resources and support sustainability. Often referred to as an "umbrella organization," our goal is to be the unified voice of the county when presenting to our legislators and government. Representing and educating Westchester residents concerned about environmental issues with the help of our member organizations is core to our value of unity. We encourage input from all our members and realize that our work is done better together.

What types of groups make up our coalition?

  • Nonprofits 501(c)(3)

  • Grassroots Campaigns

  • Green Businesses

  • Conservation Advisory Committees

  • Youth Councils 

  • Audubon Societies

  • Environmental Education Centers

  • Garden Clubs

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