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FCWC Staff Members

Program Director

Tracy Stora 

Tracy Stora comes from a successful creative career in publishing and marketing, having worked at such publications as Elle, Family Life, Newsweek, Good Housekeeping, Business Week, Consumer Reports and Spy Magazine. Tracy raised a family in New York City and Rye NY—while maintaining her career and advocating for the environment. She has served on the Conservation Commission Advisory Council in Rye for 10 years and was appointed Chair of the council when former FCWC president, Carolyn Cunningham, retired as Chair. In her role as CC/AC Chair, Tracy has been instrumental in promoting environmental conservation and sustainability in Westchester County.

Tracy holds a BFA from Syracuse University. She lives in Rye with her husband and her 13-month-old dog Penny. She enjoys hiking, biking, pickleball, sailing, and backcountry skiing.

Board of Directors

Federated Conservationists of Westchester County board members come from various environmental backgrounds.  We are always looking for additional board members!

Anyone interested in joining the FCWC Board of Directors should send a cover letter and resume to Tracy Stora (

If you have a specific question about a certain area of environmental work, please call the office at (914) 422-4053 or email

President: Carol Durst-Wertheim

Co-Vice President: Carole Griffiths 

Co-Vice President: Stephen Levy

Treasurer: John Cotter

Secretary: Alicia Molloy 


Jan Blaire

Robert Carroll

Carolyn Cunningham

Jessica Kaplan

Jason Klein

Joan Kuhn

Chuck Lesnick

Rand Manasse

Larry O'Connell

Anjali Sauthoff

Nortrud Spero

Colleen Ward


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