Slideshow of native flowering plant photographs contributed by:  FCWC - Monika Kerschus Granholm (1), 

The Native Plant Center/WCC - Jeanne Lapsker (2 through 11), FCWC - Anne Jaffe Holmes (12)

Our Vision and Mission

FCWC, founded in 1965, envisions a county in which an environmental ethic defines and shapes all public and private decisions.


Our mission is to provide leadership that educates  about environmental issues, advocates sound decision making, and unifies groups and individuals to protect and preserve Westchester's environment and address climate change.

Our motto is “Think Globally, Act Locally,” because we know the most effective change is from the grassroots – it comes from you.

FCWC Statement Regarding Current Events

The murder of George Floyd and the days of protest that have followed have made clear the racism and social injustice that exists in this country. We, as a nation, must change.  


Non-profits have to be part of that change.  Since its inception, Federated Conservationists of Westchester County has been bringing together voices from all over the County to protect our shared environment and natural resources.  However, until last year, these voices were mainly white and middle class.  


That started to change in 2019, when FCWC, in partnership with Pace University, organized a Conference on Environmental Justice in Westchester County.  Presentations from four urban communities illustrated the inequalities that exists in this county, as well as the systemic connections between economic inequality and social and environmental injustice, particularly in our urban communities.   


We at FCWC will continue our commitment to educate, advocate and bring together ALL voices throughout Westchester to address environmental issues.  We will focus on the connection between environmental and social justice and especially on the environmental justice  issues stemming from climate change in our County​.


We also urge our County and State elected officials to examine current laws and conditions that may contribute to social and environmental injustice, and initiate legislative reforms that will address the systemic issues negatively impacting people of color in our County and in the State.   


The Safer New York Act provides a starting framework for statewide reform of policing that deserves careful consideration.

Video of Webinar Below!

FCWC Student Network -

How to Help in Westchester- There is Hunger Amid Plenty!

Speakers from ASAP Scraps, County Harvest & HOPE Community


About this Event



  • Paul Presendieu, FCWC Student Intern & Student Network Founder

  • Peter McCartt, Westchester County Director of Energy Conservation & Sustainability

  • ASAP Scraps Composting - Jonathan Marcuse, Dylan Spencer

  • County Harvest - Missy Palmisciano, Founder & President of County Harvest and Alex Tan, Student Volunteer

  • HOPE Community Services - Delvy Abreu, New Rochelle Student Volunteer

Speakers followed by Q & A and discussion.

Green Infrastructure Information

Green Infrastructure Webinar, June 16, 2020

Edward A. Ames Seminar: Innovative Green Infrastructure Programs: Benefits, Challenges, Opportunities, and Lessons Learned


YouTube Link Below


This is an extraordinary set of slides on Philadelphia and NYC - in process of "greening" for water safety - Click here for PDF

Happening in Westchester!

Westchester Soil and Water conservation.

Most of the projects that are done in Westchester that relate to remediation of flooding and stormwater are funded through grants received by the Soil and Water District.

Current projects include an artificial reef project on LIS to protect the shoreline, and work along the Bronx River Parkway, as well as numerous other sites.



In this uncertain time due to COVID-19, supporting non-profits has never been more important. Please do what you can to support us!!


If you shop at ANY Stop & Shop location, you can redeem the $1 for FCWC by using the "gift tag" on the bag, and redeeming it at this website:



Just click on the "Redeem Giving Tag" tab and follow instructions to scratch off the giving tag and type in the code.  

A fantastic offer from Sustainable Westchester:

SAVE money on your energy bills,

with no solar installation, when you enroll in Community Solar! 


FCWC will benefit with an automatic donation from Sustainable Westchester when you sign up to support locally generated, renewable energy!


Be sure to use the promo code "FCWC"


(see press release here)

FCWC Federation Meeting!

May 27, 2020

Thank you to all member organizations who participated! We had a very constructive meeting, demonstrating our diversity and energy towards our vision and mission!

Westchester Resilience: 

How Communities are Responding to COVID-19


As we together face the challenges of Covid-19, FCWC is collecting ideas for building community strength and resilience.   Please share what's going on in your community as people seek to connect and support each other through this time.   E-mail  a brief description of your community's action and a photo we can share (if you have one) to fcwc@fcwc.org.  Please  use the subject line: "community action", and include a contact name, e-mail/phone --in case we have questions before sharing.


We will post your community's news on a special page on our website, as well as on FCWC's Facebook.   

Here's our first inspiring post:  

Teens and other volunteers in Larchmont and Mamaroneck are working with County Harvest to ensure that people in need do not go hungry during this difficult time.  County Harvest is in need of support and volunteers! Check it out at:  https://www.countyharvest.org/.  To volunteer, e-mail: volunteer@countyharvest.org


We look forward to hearing from you about the good things going on in your community!


Thank you all for your efforts to keep your communities---and Westchester---safe, healthy and connected!

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Other events can be found on our calendar!

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We've always worked hard to provide leadership that educates about environmental issues, advocates sound decision making, and unifies groups and individuals to protect and preserve Westchester's environment and address climate change.



Make your mark today with a 100% tax-deductible donation to FCWC, so that we can continue to protect and preserve Westchester's environment in 2018.

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