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Workshop/ Roundtable Discussion: Parks, Sanctuaries, and Nature Centers


January 23, 2015 10:00 am-12:00 pm


Greenburgh Public Library, 300 Tarrytown Road, Elmsford, NY 10523


This roundtable is designed for staff and volunteers at county parks, private parks and reserves, and nature centers and for anyone else concerned about preserving natural habitat and wildlife in Westchester.

There will be a general and open-ended discussion about the major resources at the various parks and preserves, the problems in preserving habitat and biodiversity and solutions that are planned or now being implemented. In particular, the discussion will focus on the resilience needed for the challenges of climate change.

The initial goals are to identify the common problems, compile a list of actions that do or don't work, and a list of resources and references. These will be disseminated through the FCWC website, E-news and through the participants' networks. A future goal is to organize a conference on natural areas and invite experts to address the issues raised by this roundtable.


As follow up for this roundtable discussion, FCWC has created a Westchester Open Space Google Group where members will be able to start a discussion, pose a question, or make an announcement concerning management or preservation of any park, sanctuary, nature center or open space in Westchester County.


















This roundtable dicussion lead to some FANTASTIC conversation among the almost 50 attendees! Connections were made and ideas were spread; a wonderful beginning to the many more workshops to come.


One of the primary goals of this event was to help spread information. So check back frequently as we will be sharing this wealth of knowledge accumulated from this discussion.

78 North Broadway 

Gerber Glass Library, Room 108

White Plains, NY 10603


T: (914) 422-4053



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