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FCWC's role is to disseminate information on the conservation community here in Westchester County. Below you will find things you can do NOW to help!


Past Issues

Journal News, Opinion

Written by FCWC President, Carole Griffths

Journal News, Algonquin pipeline opponents arrested after blocking construction

Blog Post, Waking Up on Turtle Island

The Guardian, High pressure: the pipeline that could destroy New York state

Democracy Now!, 9 Arrested Protesting AIM Pipeline in Westchester County

Are you ready for the next election?

Participating in elections is one of the best ways to make a lasting difference in our local communities.


Here are a few resources to make sure you're all set for the next election (feel free to pass them along to your friends as well!):

If you're all set to vote or can't vote, there are still things you can do!


Stay tuned for more action alerts from FCWC through email or Facebook, and check out for even more actions.  

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