Meet the Board of Directors



Federated Conservationists of Westchester County currently has 14 board members, all of whom come from variety of environmental-related backgrounds.  

We are always looking for additional board members.

If you have a specific question about a certain area of environmental work, please call the office (914) 422-4053 or email

FCWC is currently is looking for Westchester residents with environmental interest/and or background to join our Board of Directors.


Anyone interested in joining the FCWC board should send a cover letter and resume to

Join FCWC's Board of Directors


Carol Durst-Wertheim


Alicia Molloy

Vice President

Carole Griffiths

Secretary (and President Emeritus)

Chuck Lesnick, Larry O’Connell


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Not pictured: Jan Blaire, Lisa Copeland, Robert Carroll, Sharon Pickett

Board Members

Jan Blaire

Robert Carroll

Lisa A. Copeland

John Cotter

Carolyn Cunningham

Nadya Hall

Jason Klein

Joan Kuhn

Steven J. Levy

Rand Manasse

Sharon Pickett

Anjali Sauthoff

Anthony Sorrell

Nortrud Spero

Colleen Ward


Managing Director

Anne Jaffe Holmes

Member Relations &

Social Media Coordinator

Monika Kerschus Granholm

Student Intern

Paul Anthony Presendieu