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Conversation with County Executive George Latimer

May 4, 2018 

We were honored to have a wide-ranging discussion on environmental issues in Westchester with County Executive George Latimer. 


We were joined by Teatown, Greenburgh Nature Center, Sierra Club, Scarsdale Sustainability Committee, Bronx River Sound Shore Audubon, Grassroots Environmental, Bedford 2020, and Port Chester Cares. 


Here are a few of the issues that were brought up, including some related to climate change:

  • Food waste and composting

  • Water quality in the Hudson River and Long Island Sound, including the impact of pesticides, fertilizers, and sewage overflow 

  • Air quality, including the effects of truck traffic

  • Pipeline construction

  • Westchester County Airport

  • Indian Point and the promotion of renewable energy

  • Habitat preservation, including the usage of native plants on County-owned property

  • Protection of County Parks and Curator Jobs


Executive Latimer was very responsive and open to hearing about what the major environmental issues are for the county. He suggested that we prioritize the issues and send him information that would allow him to decide how to proceed. We are following up by working with the participating member organizations on drafting position/policy papers and creating a recommended priority action list for the County Executive.