Westchester County will soon be home to a new "green industry" that will benefit local residents, businesses, schools and municipalities both environmentally and economically.


On July 10, 2018 the Town of Cortlandt Planning Board held a public hearing on Sustainable Materials Management, Inc.'s proposed plan for a commercial food scraps and organics composting facility in Cortlandt.  Sustainable Materials Management is registered with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, and has received NYS DEC approval for operation of their composting facility in Cortlandt.


FCWC and representatives from many organizations and individuals from all over Westchester County attended the meeting to urge the Cortlandt Planning Board to approve site plans for the facility, citing the many economic and environmental benefits of having a commercial food scraps composting operation within our county. 


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The Cortlandt Planning Board affirmed their support for SMM's goals and basic plan, but also voiced concerns about potential problems with traffic, what controls SMM will have in place to ensure that the facility's capacity will not be exceeded and that material will not be dropped off at the site inappropriately. A resolution incorporating answers to the Planning Board's questions will be drawn up and voted upon at the August 28th meeting of the Cortland Planning Board.   


View our statement here, and for information about Sustainable Materials Management, Inc., visit their website at https://smmcompost.com/