FCWC Statement Regarding Current Events


The murder of George Floyd and the days of protest that have followed have made clear the racism and social injustice that exists in this country. We, as a nation, must change.  


Non-profits have to be part of that change.  Since its inception, Federated Conservationists of Westchester County has been bringing together voices from all over the County to protect our shared environment and natural resources.  However, until last year, these voices were mainly white and middle class.  


That started to change in 2019, when FCWC, in partnership with Pace University, organized a Conference on Environmental Justice in Westchester County.  Presentations from four urban communities illustrated the inequalities that exists in this county, as well as the systemic connections between economic inequality and social and environmental injustice, particularly in our urban communities.   


We at FCWC will continue our commitment to educate, advocate and bring together ALL voices throughout Westchester to address environmental issues.  We will focus on the connection between environmental and social justice and especially on the environmental justice  issues stemming from climate change in our County​.


We also urge our County and State elected officials to examine current laws and conditions that may contribute to social and environmental injustice, and initiate legislative reforms that will address the systemic issues negatively impacting people of color in our County and in the State.   


The Safer New York Act provides a starting framework for statewide reform of policing that deserves careful consideration.

News from the FCWC Student Network!

On Tuesday; August 25th the Student Network Steering Committee of the Federated Conservationists of Westchester County (FCWC) held its first meeting for the 2020-21 academic year. At this meeting we commenced the coordination of a Renewable Energy Webinar in October (which happens to be national energy awareness month), support for Planting Westchester on our academic institutions, our overall infrastructure for the environmental advocacy amongst all students throughout the county, the transparency of internships within the environmental field for students, and early plans for Earth Month 2021.


On Sunday; September 20th @ 3:00 pm the Student Network will be partnering with Sunrise Westchester, New York Youth Climate Leaders, New York Communities for Change, and the Food & Water Watch on a webinar to educate students on the fossil fuel industry and how to get involved in the advocacy for divestment. This event will occur a day before the start of Climate Week on Monday; September 21st; which will allow participants to share their newly found information throughout the weeklong observance.


As of right now the Steering Committee Consists of:

·         Jazmin K. Morales Cisneros - SUNY Westchester Community College

·         Marissa Glaze: Nellie A. Thornton High School

·         Chelsea Green: SUNY Westchester Community College

·         Bianca Jimenez - Mercy College

·         Dylan Klein - SUNY Albany

·         George Scott - Sarah Lawrence College

·         Cyril Peter Singh - SUNY Westchester Community College


Please email students@fcwc.org if you know of any student who is interested in serving as a member of the Student Network Steering Committee. This committee is open to all students, and is charged with helping organize our environmental education to middle school, high school and college students throughout Westchester County.


Paul A. Presendieu

FCWC Student Network Coordinator