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Hello All!!


2019 was one of the most productive years FCWC has had. We hope you've been able to join one of our many meetings, programs, and dine arounds we've hosted throughout the year.  We're proud of the work we've done to stay true to our mission statement in these three main areas of concentration:


FCWC Educates - about environmental issues.

  • Groundbreaking conferences with our member organizations - Clean Water Westchester Symposium, and Environmental Justice in Westchester. 

  • Popular series of pub talks educated attendees on healthy lawns and the NYS Climate and Community Protection Act.

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FCWC Advocates - for sound decision making.

  • Presented statements supporting Westchester County initiatives - the Expanded PolyStyrene Ban, food scraps recycling in Westchester County, and the end of plastic bag usage

  • Created a coalition of member organizations to organize events to inform schools about "Recycling Right" in Westchester under the new global recycling market conditions


FCWC  Unifies - groups and individuals to protect Westchester's Environment.

  • Special meeting of our member organizations with the County BOL Committee on environmental issues.

  • Led by our student intern, working to create a Student Network on Environmental Issues, for county high school and college students

  • Partnered with Teatown & Pace to re-launch the Environmental Leaders Learning Alliance, hosting two workshops, Recycle Right in Westchester and CACs (Conservation Advisory Councils) and the Climate Crisis. 


We're looking forward to 2020 with great optimism. We will be hosting a STUDENT SUMMIT on March 11, 2020 at the County Center for students to discuss and take action on environmental issues. We will continue our work started at the Environmental Justice conference, taking insights and resources into those communities to work with them to address concerns. 


Finally, while we know you are well aware of the issues, we are still facing an uphill battle with the current national political climate. By contributing to FCWC today, you are making a pledge to continue fighting for the environment. Local grassroots activism has always been essential to protecting our environment and today is no different - we ask that you please make your 100% tax-deductible donation to FCWC so that we can most effectively protect and preserve Westchester's environment in 2020.


Best wishes for a happy, healthy, and GREEN holiday season!


If you are employed at a firm that matches charitable donations, please contact the foundation and fill out the matching form when you make your donation to FCWC.