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FCWC's Federation Meeting


April 29, 2015 1:00 pm


The Carriage House, Teatown lake Reservation

1600 Spring Valley Toad, Ossining, NY 10562






With spring in the air, and the promise of nice weather ahead, it is time again for FCWC to bring together our member organizations and individual members to network, share resources, and talk about our environmental community.


This is a great opportunity for our members expand their network. If you would like to learn more about becoming a member, please visit our membership page.



At this year's Federation Meeting we will be discussing the most effective ways organizations can holistically plan for our shifting climate. We plan to elaborate upon what land preparations are being/ can be done; and how organizationally, groups can soundly manage these shifts as they affect their greatest asset.


The day will focus on two questions: (1) what are some sites doing about climate change already, and (2) what is the best way to talk to your Board of Directors about the assets you are trying to protect? There will also be plenty of time for networking.

Mike Rubbo, Director of Conservation Science at Teatown Lake Reservation will be speaking on the first part of the day's discussion; and Lori Ensinger, Executive Directorof Westchester Land Trust, will lead the conversation on the second. 

We hope many of you can make it! Every year we look forward to the opportunity to share face-to-face time with all of you!



Details about the video for FCWC's Gala

This fall we will be hosting a Gala to celebrate FCWC's 50th Anniversary. At this event we would like to showcase our most important resource - our members. After all it only with your help that our "federation" can exist. 


As a tribute to the last 50 years of "federated" environmentalists, we plan to show a video at the Gala that features our member organizations (you!) getting a chance to speak about  FCWC. We have created a list of five questions we would like to ask you.


Our hope is to film a representative from each organization answering one or all of the questions at our Federation Meeting. This is not a requirement for our Federation Meeting, however we hope that many of you will volunteer!


1. How has FCWC helped your organization over the years?

2. How has FCWC helped the environment over the years?
3. What do you feel is the state of the environment in Westchester County?
4. How has grassroots activism benefited your organization?
5. What does it take for an environmental non-profit to survive?




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